Duty of Candour

Candour means Frankness, Openness and Honesty

The Practice policy is to act in an open and transparent way with clear, honest and effective communication with patients and their families and carers throughout their care and treatment. this includes informing patients in a timely manner if things go wrong.


Our aims:

Practice Privacy Notice




Surgeries, like ROCK COURT SURGERY have to keep information about people. It is law that the companies must keep this information safe and secure. 

This is called a Privacy notice. 


ROCK COURT SURGERY will keep information about you to make sure that we can take the very best care of you. 

Information Rock Court Surgery may keep about you include: 

Information Rock Court Surgery may keep about your health can include: 

ROCK COURT SURERY must follow the law when collecting, storing, or sharing information about you. 

ROCK COURT SURGERY will always keep your information private and safe. The only people that we will let see your information are: 

People or organisations who may have a legal reason to see your information may include: 

Rock Court Surgery may keep your information for: 

You have these rights when it comes to your information: 


If we cannot do what you have asked us to do, or you need help then you can contact the 

Date protection officer: Dr David Ball 

If you are not happy in any way with how we have handled your information, then you can contact the information Commissioners office: 

Call their helpline on 0303 123 1113